Meet our Wellness Partners
We are lucky to have neighbors whom we consider our Wellness Family.
Meet our Partners in Wellness;
Vitality Chiropractic, Green Compass Homeopathy, Reiki With Marie, Touch Awakening Rosen Bodywork with Kath, Empowered Wellness & Fitness, and Fit Personal Training. 

Our caring chiropractors offer exclusive nutrition & wellness information along with helpful products to increase your health. The fitness trainers at Empowered Wellness & Fitness offers individual and Nutrition Coaching; they specialize in posture correction and conditioning! Fit Personal Training offers In-home one on one and small group training. Fit also offers nutritional consulting! Our Reiki Master, Rosen Method Practitioner and Homeopathic Doctor are all wonderful, down to earth women eager to share their wholesome approach.

 Together with our Wellness Partners, we offer all of the tools you need to achieve optimal health and through proper breathing techniques, posture correction, hydration, fitness, natural remedies, energy balancing and nutrition we can work together to create your wellness routine.
Come and join our Wellness Family! 

  1. Suzanne Grivna
    Suzanne Grivna
    I am truly happy to be sharing a space with this amazing woman! Suzanne Grivna is the owner and licensed massage therapist at The Massage Therapy Center - a place for you to Relax, Recenter and Renew. Suzanne has an Associate of Science in Massage Therapy and has found her niche creating highly therapeutic as well as relaxing masaage therapy treatments. Each client receives a customized massage incorporating many different massage thechniques. Suzanne's interest in massage therapy began after finding it as a highly effective holistic treatment for herself. She is honored to be an integral part of her clients healthcare team. Suzanne is married to Shane, has 2 children and 2 dogs. Her family enjoys traveling, movies and biking.